Give your customers a safe and seamless in-location experience.


To contribute to the community at this critical time, Aequilibrium will be offering the standard implementation of Wavetec's basic queue management for free and can get this system up and running in 1 week or less.

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Aequilibrium, North America's Wavetec Partner.


  • • Connect with customers before they arrive, allowing top-quality service.
  • • Customers can connect with you from anywhere to book, reschedule or cancel.
    • Digital signage gives transparency.


  • • Unplanned customers and customers without smartphones can be part of a virtual queue.
    •Designed to count occupancy that allows for social distancing.


  • • A seamless experience for your customers and staff.
  • • Suited to both enterprise and small business.
    • Works with multiple locations


  • • Cost-effective.
  • • Quick deployment with Aequilibrium’s experts.
    • Fully integrates with Wavetec’s suite of products.


  • • Enables innovative, smart and customizable solutions.
  • • QR Enabled.
    • Digital signage for queuing information.


  • • Real-time actionable insights.
  • • Dashboards and reports.
    • Backend integrations.
    • Data about your in-location customer footfalls.

Queue Management and People Counting


Ensure your customers and staff have safe queuing by eliminating the physical queue. Wavetec’s SafeQ virtual queueing solution gives people who arrive the freedom to simply be notified when it’s their turn to enter the location, allowing unplanned customers and those without smartphones to be a part of the queue.

With Wavetec’s SafeQ automated occupancy control solution,  you can give your staff and customers insight into occupancy levels and wait times for your locations. We can help you autonomously monitor, optimize, and manage occupancy limits.

A Better Customer Experience with Appointment Booking


Give your customers a safe and seamless in-location experience. Integrated with your current digital solution, it’s a quick deployment process that adds a new way for your customers to connect and gives you the opportunity to offer top-quality service. Our implementation of Wavetec’s technology is perfect for both enterprise and small business.



Free Implementation.


Quick Deployment.

Contact us to get your Wavetec Solution up and running in 1 week or less.