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John Queue Public
Our Resident Queue Expert

Watch all the episodes of JQP Queuebusting series in the gallery below 

Episode 3: Would You Rather Queue Or...

Eliminate Unnecessary Queues

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Meet Our Expert Among the Single File Masses

At Aequilibrium, we hate queues. We hate them so much that we hired a queue expert to help us get rid of them. Meet John Queue Public, and follow his adventures as tours (and ridicules :) as he busts line-ups across the city. Given the technology available, there’s no reason for queues(!) And that's why we have partnered with Wavetec, who are global leaders in queue management solutions. 

Aequilibrium's Wavetec solution can help you deliver remarkable customer experiences.
Eliminate unnecessary queues. Get back to great service.

“Oh fun! We get to look at each other’s tails.” - John Queue Public 

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